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FreedomRail Shelf & Spanner Kit

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FreedomRail Shelf & Spanner Kit

The FreedomRail Shelf & Spanner Kit columns are 30″ wide. To add another column choose a longer top rail, add an upright, and then select items to add GO Boxes, Baskets, Ventilated Shelving, or Spanners and locking hooks.

Start with a kit and then customize to fit your exact need! Components can be arranged differently or add components.


This kit includes:

1- 16″ x 60″ Ventilated Shelf, Granite w/ 3 Brackets

3- 12″ x 30″ Ventilated Shelves, Granite w/ 6 Brackets

3- Spanners, Granite

3- 48″ Uprights

Rail: 1- 64″ with Screws and Anchors

Hooks: 1 Big Work Hook, 1 Ventilated Shelf Hooks, 3 Everything Hooks, 1 Grip Everything Hook.


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