Garages with Storage and Style – Do It Yourself

A garage is much more than just a parking place for your automobiles.  The garage has become equal parts storage space, workshop, and meeting place, and the proper use of space in any of these pursuits is essential.   Hundreds of garage storage solutions we have available will insure that everything in your garage has a place and is in its proper place.  Our motto is “everything up off the floor.”

While there are many wall-mounted hooks, shelves, and sports and tool organizers, take a look at the slatwall panel systems and all their accessories.  The number and configuration of the wall panels depends on your needs.  Some put the panels one high all around the room and some put them a few panels high on 2 sides of a room or in a corner. Try a few short panels over the workbench to hold easy to reach tools.  Others fill a whole wall top to bottom to keep their bikes and sports equipment all together – away from the cars.

Once the slatwall panels are installed, the accessories can be easily  moved around depending on the season or the need, without filling and re-drilling holes.

Our overhead storage solutions fit into unused spaces and will hold a ton of stuff.  Imagine items such as luggage, coolers, and holiday decorations out of sight and out of mind until they are necessary, instead of cluttering up your garage.

Garage floor coverings are available in a variety of looks and colors; from vinyl roll flooring to cushiony tough tiles, you’re sure to find the one that suits your garage and your style.  Containment mats will keep the dirt and slush in the winter from running all over the floor and into the house.

Cabinets are available in metal, stainless steel, melamine coated wood that come in many colors and many modular units to fit any space you have, either stand alone or with a workbench.  Speaking of workbenches, we have a variety of sizes and styles that are sure to suit your needs.

Simplifying your home spaces is simply a matter of making use of the products available to you. Give your garage or any other room in your house the makeover it deserves and the space you need, and set about simplifying your life.

And while you’re at it, why not decorate your space.   Not just the garage, but the den or game room.   Choose from metal signs, gas pumps, clocks, thermometers, bar stools, and many other car type, oil, soda, and gas memorabilia.  Treat yourself to that favorite logo or memory from long ago.