HandiWall Garden Center Kit

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HandiWall Garden Center Kit

The HandiWall Garden Center Kit features 13 accessories to help you store and organize all of your gardening tools and equipment on your garage wall panels.

Designed to fit HandiWall Panels and standard 3″ on center slatwall panels, even those with metal inserts.


One Handi Garden Rack and Basket

One Handi 24″ Tool Bar

Two Handi 6″ J Hooks

One Handi Double Utility Hook

One Handi 4″ Double Hook

One Handi 8″ Double Hook

Two Handi S Hooks

Two Handi 14″ x 24″ Shelves

One Handi 12″ x 18″ Basket

One  Handi 8″ Loop Hook

Sku# HSGCK13

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Weight 25.0 lbs


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