HandiWall Sports Accessory Kit

$ 382.40


HandiWall Sports Accessory Kit

The HandiWall Sports Accessory Kit features 9 accessories to help you store and organize all your sporting goods.

Designed to fit HandiWall Panels and standard 3″ on center slatwall panels with an L-shape slot.

The locking mechanism on the hooks does not fit metal insert slatwall panels.


One HandiWall 6″ J Hook with Lock

One HandiWall 4″ Double Hook with Lock

Three HandiWall 8″ Double Hooks with Locks

One HandiWall Tennis Accessory Holder

One HandiWall Large Mesh Basket

One HandiWall Horizontal Bike Rack

One HandiWall 8″ x 12″ Basket

Sku# HSSPK10


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