Park Smart Garage Wall Guard
Garage Wall Guard

Park Smart Garage Wall Guard The Garage Wall Guard safeguards your car’s doors by cushioning the impact of the door to protect both the car and the wall. Durable, rubber-like pad comes complete with all the necessary hardware to install to drywall, studs, brick and concrete. Holes are 16″ and 24″ apart for fastening to studs. Lifetime Warranty. Dimensions:  25″ x 6.5″ x .63″ … Read More

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Park Smart Stick-On Door Guard
Park Smart Stick-On Door Guard

Park Smart Stick-On Door Guard The Stick-On Door Guard protect your cars from dings, dents, and chipped paint. Soft, pliable, clear cushion uses suction cups guaranteed not to scratch your car’s paint. Comes with a lifetime warranty. Measures 25″ x 6.5″ x .63″ Sku# 20040

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Tire Saver™ Ramps
Tire Saver™ Ramps – Small

Tire Saver™ Ramps – Small The Park Smart Tire Saver™ Ramps prevent tires from getting those flat spots that can occur during storage. Constructed of one solid piece with ribs on the bottom, they are heavy enough that they don’t slide. No need to attach to the floor. The Tire Saver’s horizontal ribs help the vehicle’s tires grip the ramps when driving onto them. … Read More

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