StoreWall 10 Piece Kit

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StoreWall 10 Piece Kit

The StoreWall 10 Piece Kit includes:

One (1) Heavy Duty J  Hook

One (1) 5″ Single Hook

One (1) 7.5″ Single Hook

One (1) Heavy Duty S Hook

One (1) Heavy Duty Cradle Hook

One (1) Cradle Hook

One (1) Heavy Duty Tool Hook

One (1) Heavy Duty Utility Hook

One (1) Paper Towel Holder

One (1) Heavy Duty Deep Basket 

Fits StoreWall Panels or standard 3″ on center slatwall panels in which the slots go straight in and straight up.  May not work on slatwall panels with the metal inserts as the CamLok may not have room to turn and lock.