HandiWall Hooks Variety Kit

$ 115.80


HandiWall Hooks Variety Kit features 14 hooks to store and organize all your tools on your garage slatwall panels.


(1)  4″ Double Hook

(1)  8″ Double Hook

(1)  6″ J Hook

(1)  Garment Hook

(1)  4″ Loop Hook

(3) 1″ Steel Hooks with Hook-Loks

(3) 4″ Steel Hooks with Hook-Loks

(3) 6″ Steel Hooks with Hook-Loks

FIts HandiWall and similar standard 3″ on center slatwall panels with an L-Shaped slot.

The HandiWall Hooks and the Hook-Loks do not fit MDF Board and Metal Insert Slatwall Panels.

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