HandiWall Basic Accessory Kit

$ 268.95


HandiWall Basic Accessory Kit

The HandiWall Basic Accessory Kit includes 21 useful accessories designed to fit HandiWall panels and standard 3″ on center slatwall panels with an L-shape slot.

With the NEW locking mechanism the lock engages when installing the hook.  Once seated into the slot of the slatwall the lock closes and holds the hook firmly in place.  To remove it, simply press down on the spring-loaded lock. These locks do not fit on metal insert slatwall panels.

Available in dark graphite colored powder coated steel with locking brackets on the hooks.


1 HandiWall 24″ Tool Bar

2 HandiWall 4″ Double Hooks

1 HandiWall 8″ Double Hook

1 HandiWall 4″ Loop Hook

1 HandiWall 8″ Loop Hook

1 Handiwall 6″ J Hook

1 HandiWall 8″ x 12″ Basket

1 HandiWall 12″ x 24″ Basket

3 Black Steel 1″ Hooks with Hook-Loks 

3 Black Steel 2″ Hooks with Hook-Loks

6 Black Steel 4″ Hooks with Hook-Loks



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