The Garage Project Garage Organization Ideas

The Garage Project tips, ideas and articles for garage storage and organization.  The first article about Slatwall Panels is especially important.   It tells you about our slatwall panels and which accessories will fit them.  Under Garage Organizers for Slatwall in the Shop categories, everything is organized by type of accessory.  Each garage product you click on will tell whether it is for a specific type of slatwall or just the regular 3″ on center slatwall.   Our slatwall accessories fit panels in which the slot goes straight in and straight up.   There is also useful information about what to look for in Slatwall Panels – which wall panels are the best for garages and what type to avoid.

Choose an article from the drop down menu and click on it to read all about how to organize your space, where to start, and what your storage options are.

We also hope you enjoy The Garage Projects shown in the Gallery at the bottom of the page.  Send us a picture of your decorated or organized garage, closet, pantry, laundry room, man-cave, or any other room and we will print it.