Tips For Organizing The Garage

If your garage is so cluttered that you can’t walk through it, let alone park a car in it, it may be time to consider re-organizing your space to make the garage a usable part of your home again.  Garage organization can give you the space you need not only to store your seldom-used belongings, but also to set up a workshop, a small office, playroom, or even a TV room.  But start simple with step one: clean up and throw out.

Garage organization only happens once you have figured out what belongs there and what doesn’t.  Therefore, start the process by cleaning out all the things you no longer use: throw them out, give them to charity, or otherwise get rid of them.  Once you have figured out what still belongs in your garage, it’s time for your garage organization.

Many different types of hooks, baskets, shelves, and hangers are available; for use on slatwall, on drywall, or from the ceiling.  While many hooks and racks are useful for hanging bicycles on the walls, they are also good for hanging a number of other objects, like tools, folding chairs, skis and all kinds of other sporting equipment.  These easy-to-install hooks will make the walls of your garage a versatile space that can hold any number of items.

Cabinets in your garage organization plan can be some of the most valuable items.  Use them for objects you don’t want exposed to dirt and moisture that may be dragged in by your car or motorcycle.  Items such as clothing, food, and certain tools can take up residence in your cabinets.  It may help to divide your cabinets according to what they are holding: one cabinet for food, another just for clothes, another just for tools, another for paints and stains.  Be sure to keep chemicals or other harmful materials away from food items. Check out Schaefer Systems for more storage and organizational options.

Depending on the size of your garage, you may be able to put a small refrigerator out there.  Remember, refrigerators take up space and electricity, so be sure to consider those factors into your garage organization.  If a refrigerator is not on your list of needs, try installing a system of metal shelves.  They are inexpensive, easy to assemble, and come in a variety of sizes.  Again, check out Schaefer Systems for shelving of all sizes. They are great for tires, as well as for stowing toolboxes and power tools. Start up high and work your way down low.

Things you seldom use but don’t want to get rid of can go on high shelves.  If you rarely use these items, then it won’t be so hard for you to pull out the ladder to get them the one or two times a year you need them.

The key to successful garage organization is the first step, determining what you need and what you don’t.  A good cleaning may be as far as you need to go, since many of us tend to clutter our garages with our belongings, and then forget about them.  You may have thought you needed that second pair of used ski boots ten years ago, but today they are probably obsolete and ready for a donation to the Goodwill Store.